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Easy Contact

Quick Dial Phone Numbers

Email Shortcut

Text Shortcut

Directions and Maps to Location

Multiple Location Listings and Search

Operating Hours

Staff Listings

Information About Your Business

Push Notifications

Use push notifications to keep in touch with your users.

Log in to the SehMobile dashboard. Enter the notice you want to send and indicate if the notice should be sent immediately or the data/time to send the notice.

Set up as many notices as you need.


We create, or you create, custom forms for you app. Or use, with or without modification, forms from SehMobile's extensive library of available forms.

Include in your forms:

  • Text
  • Text Field
  • Drop Down List
  • Radio Buttons
  • Pictures
  • Diagrams
  • Signatures
  • etc

Completed forms are emailed to address(es) you supply.

As an option, recieve form data submitted directly to your back-end system.

Opt to have form data feed into PDF forms for final email or email.

Save partially completed forms locally for later editing, use keyboard or dictation to complete text fields, and submit completed forms from your mobile app.

Access a log of all files submitted through SehMobile. All forms are accessable for view, print or email as a form or a PDF.

Find on Map

Add quick search items to your app to facilitate easy search for gas stations, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Multiple locations are easy to search, contact and get map/directions.


Include instructions, documentation and information in your app.

Organize text into multiple pages and include a table of contents.

Use as many or as few pages as you need.

Or keep it simple, with text and bullet points.

Add "What to do if ..." checklists.

Search List of...

Add lists of recommended vendors, members, etc..

The app searchs the list and shows results close to your location.

A map and directions are provided. Contact information, including quick dial phone numbers, is displayed.

Mileage Tracker

Include SehMobile's Mileage Tracker in your app

The Mileage Tracker tracks miles driven for multiple cars.

Generate reports of mileage for reimbursement. Enter your reimbursement rate to have the app calculate the amount due.

View Secure Files

Use SehMobile apps to give your users their own secure login. They use the login to view secure files that you have posted.


Include links to any web sites.

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