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"App a Life Saver"

Not sure if you heard about our little corner of the world last week but thought I would share how our SEH Mobile app “Ademino” helped us thru our darkest moments after 5 separate tornados ripped thru our area in the same night causing wide spread damage and power outages to some 70,000 homes and businesses. While our office didn’t suffer a direct hit, we were without power for a day and a half. And our backup site 8 miles away was also without power. Read More..

Kirk Morschauser - Ademino & Associates

Report a Claim

SehMobile apps offer reporting for any type of claims:

  • Auto
  • Homeowner
  • Worker's Comp
  • Commercial Liability
  • and an unlimited number of additional possibilies

Choose how you would like your insureds to submit claims:

  • By phone directly to your agency
  • By phone directly to your companies
  • By linking directly to your companies
  • By form directly to your agency

Claims forms are created to your specifications. Use pictures, diagrams, text areas, locator, drop down lists and date/time to collect the information you need for a claim.

Prompt your customer to take pictures of accidents, vehicle registrations, drivers' licensess, houses, damages, etc.

Find Help

Your app is helpful in finding nearby emergency services.

And your customers will apppreciate the easy search buttons for gas stations, repair stations, hotels, etc.

Include your recommended vendors for repairs! Arrange vendors by type of business. Vendor lookup includes search, contact information, quick dial phones, map and directions. Users can find vendors based on closest available.

Your customers appreciate the convenience of one touch search for these funtions!


SehMobile apps accept payments either through our partner Simply Easier Payments or by listing phone numbers for call in payments.

Simply Easier Payments is an secure payment gateway.

Click the link for more information.

Request Quotes

Get quote requests with simple forms designed by line of business. Make it easy for users to request a quote by having the form include pictures of:

  • Driver's Licenses
  • Vehicle Registration
  • House
  • Boat
  • Ect

Home Inventory

Add a Home Inventory form to your app. This form takes pictures to document home contents. Data is stored for future review and is emailed in case of a claim.


SehMobile has developed ALL ACORD forms for use on mobile devices. Forms are completed using keyboard or dictation. Forms are stored locally while work is in progress and then submitted once all data is completed.

All submitted forms are available in a log file. They are opened in PDF form. Forms permissions include edit, print or email.

Submitted forms are emailed to address(es) you provide. And, if you choose to do so, submit form data to a backend system.

Customer Service

Your app is the perfect tool for your customers to use when requesting policy changes, auto ID cards, Certificates of Insurance and more.

Customers stores images of ID cards and certificates on their mobile device, giving them access to these documents at all times.

Include the ability for your customers to save their policy information right on their phone.

Offer a secure login to your customers. They use the login to view sensitive documents such as certificates of insurance, insurance id cards, etc.

Sample Apps

Click to see some of our featured Insurance Apps.

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