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Promote Your App

You can promote your phone app on your website, in mailings, on business cards, on printed material or in your emails. Promote through:

  • QR (Quick Response) Code directing app users to download your app
  • A link to your app's Android or Apple page
  • Adding your QR code to posters and signs
  • Adding information to your website

Click on the links below to see examples of how you can promote your app on your website:

Click here
or Click here

We provide a QR code for your app.

The QR code automatically opens your app's Google Play page or the Apple App Store page. Your customer then simply taps the download button on the page.

The QR code can be printed on business cards, printed documents or post cards, posted on your website, and included in emails. See the QR code below.

This particular code loads the SehMobile Android phone app. This app provides contact information for customer support, as well as other features.

We provide a link to your app in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Once your app has been published, You link to your app in all your email correspondence with customers and from your website.

Copy the website addresses for these pages and save the links in a word document, so you have them easily accessible to add to your website, email, or any other communications in which you might want to include them.

You can include the QR codes (one for Android and one for Apple) as attachments to emails or in the body of an email.

You should include the QR code and the Google Play and Apple App Store link to your app in all of the email's from the agency so your customers can get to your app directly from your emails. Include the QR code and Google Play link in your email signature so it is automatically be added to each email.

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